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In no time Supernova has become a classic in the Delta Light collection. An extensive range of pure geometric formed lighting fixtures that guarantee a very powerful radiation of light and atmosphere, blending harmonically into its space, providing a very enjoyable diffuse lighting effect.

Thanks to its multiple application options and availability in different diameters Supernova can be used as both a single luminaire for smaller projects, or as an attractive and timeless composition in larger  buildings. With its high output and high efficiency, timeless design and high flexibility Supernova can upgrade any retail, office, hospitality or public environment. From large atriums, to hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, restaurants, landscape offices to showrooms and so much more, the Supernova range provides multiple options to create functional, efficient and creative scenographies.

Thanks to the semi automated production process, full in-house manufacturing, testing and quality procedures & intelligent stock managament system, Delta Light is able to guarantee short delivery terms for both small and larger quantities. On request the Supernova can be offered in any RAL colour, matching the specific look and feel of your interior design.

To discover more about the Supernova range please check the Lighting Bible catalogue or our Supernova brochure LINK NAAR BROCHURE BY PUBLICATIONS

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