New outdoor collection

New outdoor collection

We’re tending to use our gardens all year round more and more. There’s the convivial enjoyment of a winter barbecue, for instance – or perhaps the pleasure of soaking in a hot tub or simply spending a relaxing evening sitting outside, looking at the stars. And if you have the right lighting, you’ll always find your way round your garden, as well as create maximum atmosphere. So, as your outdoor lighting expert, Delta Light® has five essential tips for you:

1. Start with a lighting plan
Every garden – whether big or small – has its own character and can only be properly lit if you take the overall design into account. Good lighting adds value to your garden, so that you can enjoy it for longer in both summer and winter. First of all, think about your outdoor lifestyle. How do you want to enjoy your garden? Where and when do you need lights? Professional advice is no luxury if you want to design a lighting plan that meets your needs and expectations – and creates a perfect blend for your outdoor and indoor environment.

Download the free The Lighting Bible® 10 app to your tablet to see all of the options and possibilities available.

Browse this website for great inspiration and a huge range of product information, as well as an overview of the extensive network of Delta Light® partners where you can go for personalised advice.

2. Use light to catch the eye
Light is ideally suited for creating eye-catching focal points around your home: by highlighting an object, for example, or with a special lighting effect. The Delta Light® range has a vast array of fittings that combine LEDs with a lens to produce clearly defined and far-reaching light patterns on a wall or floor.

Vision and Momba are two designs that let you play with light: a simple shape combined with a graceful and unusual lighting design on the wall.

3. Explore the possibilities of LEDs
The breakthrough of LED lighting has opened up all sorts of possibilities, while at the same time underlining the need for sound, professional advice about lighting. Of course, the quality and durability of the light fittings themselves are important. But in order to create that beautiful balance you are looking for, you’ll have to pay attention to the properties and colour consistency of the LED light sources as well.

Try to work in the same light colour. It creates peace and unity in your garden.

Tip from Karen Baes, Light Planner at Delta Light®: “Try to work in the same light colour. It creates peace and unity in your garden. All of the new outdoor lighting from Delta Light® now has a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin, which delivers a pleasantly warm colour of light.”

4. Go for harmony in colour
The materials and the colours used for your light fittings help define the ‘look & feel’ of your home. In addition to aluminium-grey and grey-brown, you can now also opt for a dark-grey colour for many of the Delta Light® outdoor light fittings. Grey-brown provides perfect integration between trees and plants, while the new dark-grey blends better with concrete and dark shades of timber.

5. Create the outdoors in the city
With increasing urbanisation and flourishing city life, town gardens and roof terraces are being transformed into oases of peace and quiet in the city. From small balconies to spacious roof terraces, these urban gardens are coveted little pieces of green set amid a hectic world. Here again the right application of light can magically change an ordinary, everyday town garden into an extraordinary garden experience.

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