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Delta Light® realizes that its business activities are associated with responsibility for ecological awareness, health and sustainability, and handles these issues as a priority. Delta Light® operates according to the principle that the company – as lighting manufacturers – have an obligation to show its best endeavours to preserve the environment, within the context of its business, through the company's environmental management and by working in harmony with suppliers, clients, partners and employees.

Over the past few years Delta Light® has been working to minimize the environmental impacts of its products and manufacturing processes, aiming to further increase the energy efficiency of the company and its client’s operations. Delta Light® commits to ensure that a number of environmental protection measures are implemented throughout its business areas, which is considered to be a long-term investment and an ongoing process. Delta Light® also actively supports any effort that aims to create awareness for today’s ecological issues.

HQ key facts
• Close to 2000 solar panels installed on the roof
• 2697m² solar panels provides 300kWp, compensating own consumption
• Use of recyclable components only
• Fully compliant with EU directives concerning Rohs and WEEE
• No hazardous substances are used in the production process
• Integration of employees with disabilities trough sheltered work shop partners
• Health & safety program in place, striving for an injury-free and illness-free work environment

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