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Delta Light currently employs 250 staff at its head office in Wevelgem (Belgium). As well as office space and a production department, the architectural headquarters in Belgium includes a spacious showroom, warehouses, laboratories for in-house testing and certification, and a training centre, The House of Light. The Delta Light headquarter is used as a center of inspiration and education, welcoming partners, architects, lighting designers, engineers, installers and end users from all over the world.

Delta Light moved to its current premises in 2005, an architectural eye catcher situated next to the highway. The location was chosen from a strategic point of view, on the crossing of 2 highways: Kortrijk-Bruges and Kortrijk-Ypres, only 2 hours away from London, Paris and Amsterdam. The premises is visible from the highway Kortrijk-Bruges , a fact that was taken into consideration when drafting the architectural concept.

The design was realised by Belgian architects Govaert and Vanhoutte, based in Bruges and renowned for their artistic vision and authentic concepts. The starting signal for the construction of the new building was given in November 2003. The building procedure took approximately 15 months, with a big inauguration event in October 2006.

The whole project has been completed in two phases. The first phase was the construction of the warehouse with integrated offices for storage and production. The second phase: the realisation of a minimalistic showroom with accompanying sales offices, a technical showroom and a training centre.

Considering that lighting products are very closely joined with space, architecture and design – and also need to breathe an artistic dimension – all these factors needed to be embraced in the concept, but in a stylish and thoughtful manner. The resulted is a tremendous big black box, a perfectly structured hub of excellence, creativity and efficiency.

Light, sight, space and transparency were the key values when drawing the office floor, aiming to create a pleasant working atmosphere. Large floor to ceiling windows surrounding the entire office floor guarantee maximum input of natural light. In addition, an appealing patio in the heart of the office further spreads outside light to all desks, bringing additional energy and vitality, adding value to the everyday spirit of the team

In February 2014 Delta Light unveiled its ambitious expansion plans for its company headquarters. This major investment project will further emphasize Delta Light’s international growth, high ambitions and Belgian origins. The new building will house a state-of-the-art automated logistic center, which should further improve product flow and process control. This frees up a sizeable area in the existing accommodation for the expansion of the R&D department, the lab and the production unit. The new site is expected to be ready by mid 2015.

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